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When 2 to 3 tablespoonful is added to your Corn Flour (pap), Ogi/Akamu, Fura, Thick Kunu, Custard, Corn Flakes, Quick Oats, it enriches these foods with Vitamins and Minerals making it beneficial and nutritious for the entire family. It promotes Children growth and makes them strong and healthy always.

Recent research revealed that Cocoa contains over 600 Vitamins and Minerals which are beneficial to human being. The content of these vitamins and minerals are higher in Cocoa than any other foods items tested so far. Source (I.C.C.O) Ibadan in Nigeria, Brazil, Ghana and Ivory Coast.



Cocoa helps fight Cancer, Heart Attacks, Rheumatism, Stress, Diabetes, Hypertension, Fatigue, Anxiety, Menstrual Pain and General Body Pain. Cocoa also helps to boost Human Immune System thereby enhancing the well being of the body at all times.


  • Amel Susan Pure Cocoa act as Aphrodisiac for men, making them have restful sleep at night resulting to full relaxation, vigor, vitality and enhances maximum male performance.
  • Amel Susan Pure Cocoa helps mothers to regain their health and beauty and also maintain their normal weight after child birth with healthy and smoother skin because cocoa is a fat burner.
  • Amel Susan Pure Cocoa helps bring down high blood pressure and reduces its effects on the sufferer.
  • Amel Susan Pure Cocoa helps reduces the effects of Diabetes on the sufferer if taken without sugar.
  • Amel Susan Pure Cocoa helps cure stomach ulcer when 3 spoonfuls is added to clean drinking water, stir well and drink in an empty stomach every morning before breakfast.
  • Amel Susan Pure Cocoa helps suppress the growth of Cancer by eliminating Cancer cells before they are formed in the body. This way it can prevent Breast Cancer in women. So drink Amel Pure Cocoa regularly morning and night.
  • Amel Susan Pure Cocoa helps prevent Heart Attack and Stroke by opening up the arteries to increase blood flow thereby stopping blood clots which can result in Heart Attack and Stroke.
  • Amel Susan Pure Cocoa reduces the incidence of Rheumatism, Stress, Fatigue and Anxiety because Cocoa acts as natural food tonic for the body.
  • Amel Susan Pure Cocoa foster higher life expectancy. Help you live longer
  • Amel Susan Pure cocoa boost brain power and improve memory
  • Amel Susan Pure Cocoa fight fatigue when you are weak and get you rejuvenated
  • Amel Susan Pure Cocoa arrest persistent cough
  • Amel Susan Pure Cocoa prevents cerebral malaria, which kills a lot of babies.
  • Amel Susan Pure Cocoa reduces inflammation.



Amel Susan Pure Cocoa is a fat burner. To look slim and youthful, replace your heavy foods with Amel Susan Pure Cocoa Milk Shake for Slimmers. Add three (3) tablespoonful of Amel Susan Pure Cocoa to a glass of pure natural fruit juice without sugar, add Slim Milk or skim milk or none dairy milk, stir until you obtain a smooth mixture, drink this in place of heavy food. Eat plenty fruits (no banana) and drink plenty water while loosing weight. No other food until all weight is lost.

Take your “Milk Shake” in between meals if hungry. After all weight loss eat a little of beans or small moin-moin, wheat flour (make into fufu) with green vegetable soup without oil in place of Eba or Pounded Yam (No Red Meat or Fried Foods).

You can eat a little Roasted Chicken, Roasted or Boiled Fish, Plenty well Dried Fish and well Dried Shrimps (No Fresh or Fried Fish and Fried Shrimps). Eat Dried Stock Fish and make yourself plain pepper soup with lots of vegetables like Ugwu, Bitter Leaf, Water Leaf, Scent Leaf (Nchuanwu, Effirin), Ewedu even during Weight Loss. Do not use any Cooking Oil even Palm Oil in your Soup.

Cocoa contains what you missed in cooking oil. Avoid all Cooking Oil, Fried Oil, Butter/Margarine, Mayonnaise they are fatty Foods.



Not all Cocoa are Pure Cocoa. Some are animal feeds and are not good for human consumption.

Pure Cocoa is a special specie selected and process into powdered form for Amel Susan.

If you use any Pure Cocoa without result, please note that what you use is not Pure Cocoa.

Amel Susan Pure Cocoa helps you cope with life IT WORKS……


Amel Susan Pure Cocoa Drink is available in

  • 12x250gm;
  • 12x300gm;
  • 6x650gm;




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